“BROHAMM” "The Brothers Hammond Band " "SHOW TIME" 

BROHAMM, "The Brothers Hammond Band "


Any way you slice it, this group of Six Talented Entertainers known as, "BROHAMM", headed by the Three Hammond Brothers,* Larry- our MD, a veteran Drummer Percussionist, who has traveled and performed all over the world, as a Band Leader and Band Member, and Lead Vocalist and musical arranger and Studio Musician, * Curtis- Front Man, Band Leader and Band Member, Drummer Percussionist, Lead and Background Vocalist, * Len- Horns, Drummer Percussionist, Kalimba artist, Lead and Background Vocalist, who were brought up in a musical Family that always had music, musicians, and musical instruments around them. In their younger years while listening to the early contemporary R&B, Jazz, Blues, Top 40 and Gospel music, as well as the current music of the day, they started Experemixing, ((our new favorite word)) with these Musical styles, Grooves, and Vocals and this led them to creating their own style of music and performing it at their Fathers Club,  “The Brothers Tavern” in Everett Washington.  

Over the years they have since honed and crafted their own special style of live music and love any chance they get to perform. On stage, they have fun and keep you entertained, by engaging with their audience. It becomes infectious, as Brohamm keeps the energy upbeat and lively with songs from the old school Motown Philly Classic Soul to the new upbeat Funky R&B songs of today and yesterday, that everybody knows. The Band keeps the party going with that seriously funky Brohamm Groove along with the Rich Vocal Harmonies they've learned and crafted together over the years.  

Filling out the rest of the Bands rhythm section and background vocals, are * Gary Tobin- our Master Guitarist, Background Vocalist, soloist, Band Leader and Band Member, * James Paulter- our very Talented Keyboardist, Background Vocalist, and all thing necessary for any Band to have, including Jokes, and * Bailey Richard- Background Vocalist, and one of the Baddest and Funkiest dancing Bass players around, and sings Background Vocals.  

Brohamm’s music will keep you Dancing with their exceptional musicianship, distinctive rich and Soulful Vocal Harmonies, or if you wish, just sit back, and listen to their creative way they arrange and perform songs.